Hiring Joeban was the best thing that happened to our company in the past 4 years that I’ve been here. Joeban worked like a detective or good diagnostician. He literally took the pulse, blood pressure and weight of our company by interviewing everyone, coming in/out and observing. He tackled all the elephants in the room with maturity and skill that no one else had had the courage to address. As a result we became closer to each other as a team, cooperative and learned good leadership skills such as how to make clear requests from one another and to come up with our own inspired mission statement as a company.  

As my personal coach Joeban held me ruthlessly accountable, this is what I needed. I felt I could hold him in confidence. He was a promoter for my “better side” and let it be known when my own personal gremlins of fear were up. I felt I could lean on him for support and trust that he had both my best interest in mind as well as that of the whole company.

Joeban has not only changed our company, but it has changed my life. I would never be where I am today without his support, and in what is a so-called “Depressed Economy”, our business continues to grow and flourish. I've always believed that if you want to get to the top of your field you have to have a coach.

Anthony Chan - CEO


Joeban is a wonderful coach who compassionately evokes self-inquiry and transformation. Without a doubt, Joeban’s friendship and mentorship have helped to shape my path to service, adventure, and stepping outwards of my bounds and into a world wide open.
One of the most beautiful parts about his training for me was that the more I learned, the more I realized this is just the beginning of an even greater journey. Joeban has provided me the inspiration to continue flowing through my own evolution. I can truly say with my whole loving and honest heart, that embarking on this "self-study" has been the best decision I have ever made.

Gabrielle Holland - Dance Educator, Yogi, and Mom


A year ago, I felt like my life was a disaster. I felt totally stuck and trapped, and I really needed a guiding light and a beacon. Joeban has an incredible intuition. He was able to recognize and help me bring to light things that I would have struggled to recognize on my own (and I am a pretty self aware individual). It wasn’t just that I grew through our work but it was the way he worked to enable me to cultivate it.

I found his work style incredible. He was able to come to the context of my life and experience and work from the knowledge base I had to build upon in a way that has been highly effective for me. Joeban was an incredible support during a time in my work and personal life when I felt like I was moving a mountain, and I walked away with life tools and an understanding of myself that brought me to a new place. Now, I’m more excited than even before I started my business. It’s like the beginning of my new life.

Irma Jennings - Wellness Practice Owner


I had already done a number of group programs and private work when I made the decision to work with Joeban as my personal coach. The other programs were meant to bring me closer to my goal of having a thriving work place, but there were elements missing which I couldn’t quite identify and were limiting my success. Joeban quickly focused on the #1 urgent issue holding me back and as a result I now have the clarity and trust in myself to do my work with grace and ease.

Joeban has a powerful combination of skillful articulation and open compassion in his coaching style, which allows for me to be seen, heard, and guided in manifesting my dream business. If you are thinking about receiving personal attention and guidance that will take you on a direct path toward your goals, Joeban is your coach!

David Schimanski - Interior Designer + Sustainability Consultant


I found the coaching both challenging and stimulating. It has been a privilege to be a part of the programme and, although I have a long way to go, I feel my personal leadership capability has already improved. The programme was an intriguing and transforming experience. There was a great amount of personal learning in terms of understanding myself and receiving great feedback; I was inspired by the programme leader Joeban and his great passion for coaching that he communicated. What I like about Joeban is that he commit to you. I know that Joeban is an active listener. I know that he cares about his clients. I know that he hasn’t lost his appetite, nor his motivation, nor his interest.

Paul Mulligan - Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations


Through this coaching, I have learned to have more confidence in my own abilities and skills, and to feel less inferior. This is via a better understanding of why I demonstrated this behaviour.

In doing so, I recognise what is blocking me when it comes to fear of failure. Joeban is a very experienced coach, with whom I felt very much at ease, to discuss openly about my situation, development areas, possible causes etc. The working style was excellent. We did not follow a solid framework or structure, but more a pragmatic approach (that evolved) that felt more appropriate. My second coaching question (clearer picture of my career in the coming 5-10 years) has not been fully answered. However, I realise that a coach can only facilitate this to a certain level in the given time. I have come much further. It is now up to me to continue with the process.

Mark Ackerman - IT Analyst


Joeban encouraged me to take a next step into leadership. With all his experience and countless knowledge of human nature, Joeban can quickly assess situations and people, and get to the heart of the problem. He wins trust quickly and dares to tell it like it is. He confronts and triggers you to look critically at yourself and can practically explain the application of belief systems. I received tools for self-reflection, recognition of my own strengths and weaknesses, and the impact on others. The coaching has made me less restless and more at peace with myself. I finally experience being myself.

Patricia Loman - Development Manager


"You are the best in, being you"